Gael’s Gift


Meet Gael.  Gael is a sweet 7 year old boy who lives with us at Manos de Amor Casa Hogar.  He is curious, busy, funny, smart and affectionate.  He loves people and can run like the wind.  When Gael came to us, he was profoundly deaf and without intervention, Gael would never have heard his mom’s voice, never heard the laughter of the other children he lives with, never expressed his feelings of love and pain.  Gael needed a GIFT – the Gift of Hearing.   And many of you responded to be part of giving him such a miraculous gift!  In the summer of 2018, Gael received a Cochlear Implant and since then he has been on a journey – a winding and sometimes difficult journey – to learn the meaning of sound and to learn how to speak.

To get to know Gael a bit better, watch his story in the videos below – the original story and an update.  You can also follow his progress on his Facebook page.

Watch Gael’s Story

Gael and his friends say Thanks in song and signs

Update video Feb 2020


So now what??

Although Gael has received his implant, as well as a hearing aid for his other ear, his story is not over.  In fact, The Friends of Gael have committed to working with him throughout his childhood and youth to ensure he continues to receive the daily speech and hearing therapies he needs and to maintain the device.  Batteries alone are a large cost that his mother could never afford.   We also must hire an educational assistance to accompany Gael to public school each day to ensure he will receive the education he so desperately needs.

We continue to need your financial support, your prayer support and your volunteer assistance.  Gael is a busy and strong willed boy who needs to be loved and cared for in a confusing world.

Financial gifts of cash can be given directly at Manos de Amor or you can give online through our Canadian and American partners – Lifeline of Hope and Bloom church, who will provide Income Tax receipts for your gift.

Monthly Sponsorship Program

In order to ensure we have funds for Gael’s future, we have set up a Monthly Sponsorship Program.  Through Lifeline of Hope in the US and Bloom Church in Canada, you can give a recurring monthly gift.  You will receive an initial profile package, 6 month updates, and an Income Tax Receipt.   To give monthly go to:

Corporate Partners

We want to thank Micon Industries for their very generous matching gift they gave to help Gael receive his surgery.  Thank you Micon!  Now that we have reached that goal, we need more corporate sponsors to do the same!


Other Information

Just what is a Cochlear Implant anyway?  Click here for more info about this amazing device that has changed Gael’s life!

Fundraising Ideas

Perhaps you would like to hold your own fundraising event or initiative in your hometown.   Here are some links to give you some ideas as to how you and your friends can help wherever you live:

Event Resources

We would love to see Gael’s Gift of Hearing Events popping up all over North America.  Here are some resources to help you:

Friends of Gael – Team Bios

Meet the team of Manos de Amor volunteers who are leading this fundraising campaign.  Like you, they are people who love the children of Manos de Amor and want to see each one experience a fulfilling and productive life.    Team bios