Gael’s Gift


Meet Gael.  Gael is a sweet 6 year old boy who lives with us at Manos de Amor Casa Hogar.  He is curious, busy, funny, smart and affectionate.  He loves people and can run like the wind.  He is also profoundly deaf and without intervention, Gael will never hear his mom’s voice, never hear the laughter of the other children he lives with, never express his feelings of love and pain.  Gael needs a GIFT – the Gift of Hearing.   And we are inviting YOU to be part of giving him such a miraculous gift!

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After visits to 3 different doctors, we received the good news that Gael is a good candidate for a Cochlear Implant.  Gael WILL be able to hear.  That is the very good news.  The bad news is that the implant, the surgery, the speech therapy and the follow up care and maintenance will cost $45,000 US dollars.   Certainly that is an amount that his mother will never be able to put together.  But we believe that as a community of people who love the children of Manos de Amor, we can raise this amount and Gael will indeed hear and speak.

Watch Gael’s Story

Follow the links below to be redirected to our YouCaring fundraising site as well as to Gael’s Facebook Page.  There you will find more information and instructions as to how to donate to this exciting campaign.


US and Canadian Tax Receipts: For larger donations that require an Income Tax Receipt, you can also click on the Give Online page in this site to donate through our Canadian and American partners.

If you are here in the Bucerias area, you can also donate CASH at Breakers Beach Bar or Splash of Glass or find us at the Gael’s Gift of Hearing Booth at Rhythm and Ribs on Feb 21st.

Monthly Sponsorship Program

Our fundraising efforts are not only to secure a Cochlear Implant for Gael – we also want to ensure he has speech therapy, education, and device maintenance covered until he is 18 or able to support himself.  We simply cannot  give such a burden to his mother.  In order to be able to proceed with the surgery while still raising needed funds for the future, we have set up a Monthly Sponsorship Program.  Through Lifeline of Hope in the US and Bloom Church in Canada, you can give a recurring monthly gift.  You will receive an initial profile package, 6 month updates, and an Income Tax Receipt.   To give monthly go to:

Corporate Partners

We want to thank Micon Industries for their very generous offer to match all donations up to a maximum of $5000.  Thank you Micon!  Now that we have reached that goal, we need more corporate sponsors to do the same!


Other Information

Just what is a Cochlear Implant anyway?  Click here for more info about this amazing device that will change Gael’s life!

Fundraising Ideas

Perhaps you would like to hold your own fundraising event or initiative in your hometown.   Here are some links to give you some ideas as to how you and your friends can help wherever you live:

Event Resources

We would love to see Gael’s Gift of Hearing Events popping up all over North America.  Here are some resources to help you:

Team Bios

Meet the team of Manos de Amor volunteers who are leading this fundraising campaign.  Like you, they are people who love the children of Manos de Amor and want to see each one experience a fulfilling and productive life.    Team bios