Our Leaders

Veronica Gomez Garcia – Director

Known to the children – and the entire community – as Mama Vero, Veronica is the heart and soul behind Manos de Amor, Casa Hogar.  She loves each of these children as if they were her own and oversees the many details of running a home, overseeing staff and raising funds to ensure its future.Veronica


The children of Manos de Amor are lucky to have a team of workers who love them and care for them each day.  Here are some of them:


Left to Right starting with top row:

  • Laura – lives full time in the home and cares primarily for the boys
  • Jezebel – works every afternoon tutoring and helping with homework
  • Norma – works in the office
  • Maria – works with the girls during the day
  • Ana – works every morning in the kitchen
  • Anita – works on weekends
  • Gloria (not shown) – works in the morning

 Steering Committee

These volunteers love the children of Manos of Amor and work closely with Veronica to provide a safe and healthy home and to raise funds for its operation:

Left to Right:

  • Walter Vink – Chilliwack, BC
  • Norm  Poulin – Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
  • Anne Milling – Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey
  • Willi Crownhart – Fortson, Georgia
  • Karen McKenzie – Prince George, BC
  • Karen Swanson (pictured below) – Buerias, Mexico

Steering committee 1.jpg