Statement from the Steering Committee

The Steering Committee of Manos de Amor was formed in the earliest days of the association with its purpose being to raise funds for the home and to provide volunteer assistance for many of the programs and activities.  For 15 years, the members of the committee have been active in organizing events,  leading tours, working with donors and volunteers, teaching English classes, driving children, repairing and maintaining the building, and most importantly caring for the many children who have lived in the home over the years.  We have laughed and cried with one another and with the broken children who have come to Manos de Amor Casa Hogar.  This work has been our greatest joy.

Over the past 1-2 years, we have received a number of reports from staff members and from donors that have caused us to become concerned about a lack of transparency and accountability in areas of staff treatment and compensation, and financial donations of cash and goods.  After a number of discussions with the Director to share our concerns, we requested that the association hire an administrator to oversee proper financial procedures and controls,  to put in place staff training and fair pay structures, and to provide an annual audited financial statement.  We felt this was at minimum what was needed for us to be able to assure you that your donations are being used ethically and honestly for the work for which you gave it.  You can see the proposal as presented here.

After considering the proposal for 5 days, on March 8, 2020 the Director denied the above requests and dissolved the Steering Committee of Manos de Amor.  At the same time, the members of the committee gave their resignations.  This committee no longer believes that it can confidently assure you how your donated goods and cash are being used and we take that responsibility very seriously.

This statement has been issued by the following Steering Committee members:

Anne Milling
Norman Poulin
Karen McKenzie
Francisco Martinez
Karen Swanson
Walter Vink

Urgent Statement from Steering Committee of MdA – PDF version