Welcome to Manos de Amor Bucerias

Manos de Amor por Bahia, A.C. is a non-profit organization founded in 2004 whose main mission is to contribute to improving the quality of life of the child population in the Banderas Bay region, offering a stable and harmonious environment for the integral development of children in a state of abandonment, domestic violence, and orphanhood.

Since its foundation in 2004, Manos de Amor has carried out the tireless work of providing a free, healthy, and safe space whose objective is to promote the children of the region. This has been achieved thanks to the invaluable help of benefactors, volunteers, and friends that Manos de Amor has positioned itself as a true home for the most vulnerable children.

For more than 20 years, we have had the support of great people, people we consider friends, as you know, all of our events that we carry out during the year, are thanks to the hands of our benefactors, friends, volunteers and all the people who, selflessly give us a hand. These events provide us with the food security of the Children’s Shelter throughout the year. Manos de Amor has always sought the well-being of the children which is our main goal, and all the help and work is for the children.

Manos de Amor is an association legally constituted by the Mexican laws and presided over by its President and Director Veronica Gomez Garcia; Nidia Jazmin Torres Rami­rez in her legal role of Secretary; Angelica Hernandez Cortes as Treasurer; Angelica Hernandez Cortes as Vocal Counselor; and the marriage Walter and Geri Vink, and also unconditional support of Willi Crownhart.

We are working to make known the guidelines for those interested in becoming part of the volunteer committee and that from their valuable participation we can achieve budgetary stability for the Children’s Shelter and with it continue to operate on behalf of children in the Banderas Bay Region.

During its existence, Manos de Amor has been blessed by several organizations that, thanks to their support, trust and transparent work have achieved stability for the to operate during all these years.

Orphan’s LifeLine International, an organization that for more than 16 years, has provided financial support.  Since 2007, Orphan’s LifeLine International has provided Manos de Amor financial monthly to provided salaries to the shelters staff members.

Eagles Wings Foundation, since 2005 supports Manos de Amor, a foundation that has given us protection and financial support for projects to improve the structure and needs of children, always working with transparency in the donations received, Eagles Wings Foundation confirms the good and proper use of the donations they make, auditing each association, for over 15 years Eagles Wings recognizes Manos de Amor giving us their donations.

We are beneficiaries of the International Festival of Altruism since 2008 for our honesty and transparency with the donations that have been given to us, we appreciate the confidence that there is to receive your support.

Manos de Amor is part of the Network of Altruistic Associations of Puerto Vallarta and Banderas Bay since 2007, in the Network, Manos de Amor is recognized for the work of transparency and interest of Professionalizing Manos de Amor, the Network gives shelter to all associations that are legally constituted non-profit association and verify, making regular visits to the facilities.

We have been blessed with the support of the American Circle of Concern Foundation since 2008, receiving economic donations, donations in kind, and labor.

Vallarta Adventure Tours continues to support events and food to the home since 2007.

We have the support and endorsement of the Municipal President of Bahia de Banderas and his wife, President of the Municipal DIF.

Additionally, we have received the unconditional support of extraordinary people who, throughout the history of Manos de Amor, have supported us to continue operating the home.

Finally, we do not have words to thank all the goodness and blessings that have been poured out during all these years to Manos de Amor. We thank all the people who continue to support us and those who for some reason do not collaborate anymore, they will always be in our prayers and our thoughts.