There are many ways you can help us at Manos de Amor Bucerías.. Here are just a few quick and easy ways:

To give in Mexico, you can transfer directly to our Intercam bank account:

If you wish to wire transfer you can download the instructions below.

You can also donate American Dollars, Canadian Dollar, or Mexican Pesos online using your Paypal Account.  Funds come directly to the Manso de Amor Bucerias.

Canadian etransfer available…. Send the donation to this email United States of America USA American Flag Cool Wall Decor Art  Print Poster 36x24: Posters & Prints

To receive an American tax receipt, you can donate to Manos de Amor through Orphan’s Lifeline International. When you fill out the online donation form, you will be asked to choose a home, Please pick Manos de Amor Bucerías under the purpose tab. 

Orphan's Lifeline

A big thank you to all the donors that helped make this possible.