Financial Info

Manos de Amor is completely funded by the generosity of our many donors – we receive no government funding or support.  We operate on a budget of approximately $45,000-50,000 USD each year, about 870,000 pesos and all of it must be raised by volunteers, visitors and corporate friends.  Our major donor is Lifeline of Hope International, an American charity that supports orphanages in 10 different countries.   The rest of our funding comes from events and private donors.

Below you can see the charts of where we raise our funds and where we spend it:

2018 Revenue

2018 Expenses

As you can see, our largest area of spending is for staffing.  We employ 10 people, including our director Veronica Gomez Garcia and these dedicated women work in the kitchen, cleaning the home, tutoring, and of course caring for the children 24 hours a day.  As you can see, overall our costs are very low for the type of 24 hour service we provide.

If you would like to donate to our home, please go to our Give Online page to find options for Mexico, Canada and the United States.